William Possidento


I am Bill Possidento. Please visit my portfolio which showcases a few projects and provides other information about my skills in UX design, UI design, app development, etc. I am busy these days adding features to my ShakesQuiz: Shakespeare quiz & complete works app as well as dreaming about other apps I would love to code.

In earlier professional iterations, I worked in the petroleum industry as a geologist, from which I segued into environmental consulting, working as a hydrogeologist and project manager in soil and groundwater remediation projects. More recently I worked for several years in wealth management, earning the Series 3, 7 & 66 licenses and the charter of the Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) Association. The Series 3 license (National Commodities Futures) bridges to my earlier work and studies in energy and the environment.

There is another current tie to my background in the environment: I earned a patent in the USA for a simple, elegant, inexpensive concept for distilling water to high purity and delivering it from the same device.

Besides computer languages, I enjoy human languages. I have considerable fluency in Spanish as I began studying it in elementary school and lived in Barcelona, Spain, for one year. And I have some abilities in Italian, Portuguese, and Mandarin.